Dmitry Blagoy

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Dmitry Blagoy (Дмитрий Благой)

Dmitry Blagoy (1930-1986)

Dmitry Blagoy (1930-1986) was a Russian Soviet pianist, composer, and musicologist (see bio).
Meritorious Artist of Russia (RSFSR), he was known for his refined, poetical sound and deep interpretation of music.

He made 276 recordings for Gosteleradiofond (The State Fund of TV and Radio programs) and 15 vinyl discs (released by "Melodiya" record label).


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F. Schubert - Impromptus_op. 90_Nr. 3 (mp3)


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Dmitry Blagoy plays pieces by R. Schumann

Dmitry Blagoy plays pieces by F. Liszt

Dmitry Blagoy plays pieces by F. Schubert

Dmitry Blagoy plays pieces by E. Grieg NEW


Dmitry Blagoy plays pieces by Russian composers:

M. Glinka

A. Scriabin

D. Bortniansky

I. Handoshkin, A. Zhilin

- A. Griboyedov NEW

- A. Gurilyov NEW

P. Tchaikovsky

(record: P. Tchaikovsky, S. Aksyuk, A. Lyadov)

(record: G. Sviridov (rus)

S. Prokofiev NEW

N. Myaskovsky NEW

G. Galynin NEW

/ Download also: Dmitry Blagoy plays pieces by R. Glier, A. Gedike, M. Glinka (rar-archive, 96 Mb.) /


Dmitry Blagoy plays his own pieces:

- Sonata-skazka (Fairy Tale Sonata)

- Variations on a Russian Theme

- Preludes / Musical pictures/
Etudes/ Pieces

- 8 Miniatures NEW

- 4 Moods NEW

- Variations on a Karelian Theme NEW

- Pastoral and Fugetto (Pastoral and Fugato) NEW

- Mimoletnost' NEW

- Naigrysh NEW

- Bujnyj pljas NEW

- Mountain Visions NEW

- Reminiscence NEW

- From a child's life (rus)

- Winter Stars (rus)


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