Dmitry Blagoy


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Dmitry Blagoy (1930-1986)

Selected published works

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D. Blagoy

Album of pieces

The young pianist's library

Notebook I


Moscow, "Sovetsky kompozitor", 1968

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From a Child Life (cycle of piano pieces):

1) A Stroll
2) A Joke
3) Arguing Boys
4) Dance of the Raindrops
5) Sunshine through the Rain
6) A Peaceful Conversation
7) Here Comes a Wasp
8) Daddy's Empathy
9) A Scary Dream
10) A Little Braggart
11) Joyful Journey

Little variations Nr.1

Little variations Nr. 2

Lullaby (for piano 4-hands)

Dmitry Blagoy - From a child's life (incl. Lullaby): listen / download